Your small business website solution.

Think of me as your technical partner towards web success. I specialize in web design and development for start ups, small businesses, non-profits, causes, and entrepreneurs.

Wonderful digital creations require a good mix of combined skills. I have six years of experience designing and managing websites using powerful content management systems. I come armed with enthusiasm, a creative eye, a love for coding, and a passion for creating positive user experiences.




DEVELOPMENTFull websites and redesigns using the most powerful CMS platform out today. Your new website will be up and running in no time.
+ Powerful CMS platform
+ Extendable & flexible
+ Easy content edits

DESIGN & UXWho says you can’t have it all? Beauty and brains! Smart design and an intuitive user experience are just as important as content.
+ Stunning websites
+ Smart design
+ Usability

CONTENTContent planning and organization. Concise and consistent messages make it easy for your visitors to get what they need, fast!
+ Organization
+ Structure & navigation
+ Consistency

CUSTOM CODINGYour business didn’t come in a box, and your website shouldn’t either. Custom CSS ensures that your site seamlessly matches your brand.
+ Template modification
+ Brand matching
+ Unique experience

PHOTOGRAPHYDon’t have a shot of your storefront or product for your website? No problem. Add photography to your web design project.
+ Images for website
+ Photo editing
+ Optimize for web

MAINTENANCESecurity and Backups? Set your mind at ease with a maintenance plan — because you have more important things to worry about.
+ Content & design changes
+ Security & backups
+ Support


Did you know?

“WordPress powers nearly a quarter of new sites today, is the content management system of choice for more than two thirds of the top million sites making it the most popular on the web, and is trusted by content publishers such as CNN and the NY Times. With more than 50 million sites globally, you know you’re getting the best software for the job.”



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